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Christmas Wasp Solitaire

Don't let the difficulty of Wasp Christmas Solitaire turn you into a Christmastime Scrooge! While the game is in fact challenging, it is played exactly like Scorpion Solitaire except that you may place any card into the empty cells. Beat Wasp Solitaire by putting cards of the same suit into descending order in the tableau. Don't forget about the three extra cards that are in your draw pile! Any visible cards can be moved in the tableau, regardless of their order.

Christmas Wasp Solitaire Strategy

  • The best way to start the game is by moving cards around in any way you can, in order to reveal all face down cards
  • Another great strategy is to start off by using your three cards in the draw pile, so you have no surprises later on
  • Organize all four suits from King through Ace to win


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