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3 Card Christmas Klondike Solitaire

For those of you that enjoy tradition, Three Card Klondike may be just what you need to kick off your Christmas! This game is one of the original versions of Solitaire, which means you can't go wrong playing it! The difference between One Card and Three Card Klondike Solitaire is that in this version, your draw pile will flip three cards up, and you can only use the outermost card in your tableau or foundation. Therefore, you must place the first card before you can use the second card and so on. Build your foundations by suit and from Ace through King.

Christmas Klondike Solitaire Tips

  • Your goal is to build four foundations ... one for each suit ... in ascending order
  • Play through the cards in your tableau by placing them in cascades in descending order and alternating colors
  • Use your three card draw pile when you get stuck


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